Fundamental Backgammon Strategies: The Blitz

If you are more of an aggressive player and the type that would usually put pressure on your opponent then you should learn how to make the backgammon blitz work for you. Learning backgammon basics will entail a study of the blitz. It is an aggressive type of fundamental strategy that has been labeled as one really exciting game to watch.

A backgammon blitz will ordinarily happen during the start or early stages of the game. It can be sparked by rolling a double then a hit and finally an anchor made making entering from the bar a bit harder. Though not every blitz will have to start with rolling a double, it sure does help making it work easier.

Let's move on to the important elements of the backgammon blitz. You are able to hit one or two opposing checkers on your home board. This is made a whole lot easier if your opponent already has his back checkers split up. The next element is that you are able to make points on your home board thus leading to the next element of a backgammon blitz. The next one is that your opponent is not able to enter checkers from the bar.

With all those elements in place you will know for sure that a blitz is in the making. Let's move on to the goal of this fundamental backgammon strategy. The idea behind the blitz is being able to contain your opponent's backgammon checkers. Being able to hit more than two opposing checkers and sending those to the bar is a good indication of a strong blitz strategy.

Of course, hitting is not the only duty you'll have once you've committed yourself to playing the blitz in backgammon. Another thing you should be working on is making points on your home board. Hitting a lot of enemy blots isn't going to count if you can't contain them. By making more points on your home board you can limit the odds of trapped checkers from entering. This in turn will give you more time to move your checkers closer to the home board if not exactly in it.

Another tip for wannabe blitz strategists is to bring down builders from your mid-point. Using builders from the high-stacked 13-point accomplishes two things. First is that you get a nice flexible position and reduce the load on the already tall mid-point. Next, with builders already positioned you can hit any escaping checker from your home board and then make a home board point in the process.

Learning backgammon basics will bring you into a discussion of the blitz. Those who are into aggressive play should learn this fundamental backgammon strategy.