A Beginner's Path Into Backgammon Basics

Everyone who is interested in the game must go through backgammon basics. No one will ever expect you to become a master of the game in one day so it will be a good idea to take things in stride. A true backgammon aficionado will first immerse himself in the fundamentals of the game. Part of which will include an understanding of the game's background and history.

No one who is really serious about backgammon will want to pass up on the chance of owning his own backgammon set. So if you are a beginner you would want to at least get some information on how to assess a backgammon set if it is good enough for you.

After getting your very own backgammon set the next thing you would surely want to learn is how to setup your backgammon table. After having done that you will surely be excited to play your very first game. But before you do so you must comprehend how to move your checkers, the use of the dice and the doubling cube, and how you go about your first game. That will entail at least sifting through the basic rules of the game.

Your first few games might not be that good since you don't exactly have the right idea how to correctly play the game or how to win more games. Losing games a lot of games won't be that much fun so the next thing you ought to do is to learn backgammon strategy.

After which you learn how to do a pip-count, how to record your games, until eventually you play the game in matches. You'll learn as you go about with the backgammon basics that you can get more points for each game you play in a match.

After playing a few matches you'll notice some annoying behaviors from some of your friends during the game so you will want to know the correct protocol and etiquette during a backgammon game.

The following is an index of the path of beginners as they make their way into complete mastery of backgammon:

Backgammon - Defining the Game Backgammon and the History of Tables Getting your first Backgammon Set How to Setup Your Backgammon Board

Moving Your Checkers Hitting, Entering, and Bearing Off Making the Opening Moves

Backgammon Fundamental Strategies and Tactics - Running Game - Priming Game - Back Game - Holding Game - Blitz

Basics of the Pip Count The 24-Point Backgammon Notation Scoring a Backgammon Match Frequently Asked Questions Rules on Etiquette Common Terms for Beginners Backgammon Tips and Tricks for Beginners

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