Backgammon Tips and Tricks for Beginners

There is still a lot to go after learning backgammon basics. Every beginner will still have to make further studies on backgammon strategies and tactics. Other avenues you might want to take some time on like probability and equity will indeed occupy your time as you progress towards mastery of this game.

To give a little boost in your game we've got a few tips that will help out during the early stages of learning. These tips will help make your learning of backgammon basics fun even though you go through some rough times ahead.

Here is our list of tips:

Tip #1 - Run for it. Whenever you find yourself really ahead in the pip count you should make a run for it as soon as possible. Make sure to break contact from any opposing checker and take maximum advantage of your huge lead.

Tip #2 - What to do when you're behind. When your opponent has taken the lead in the pip count and all you're doing is waiting for a shot you should devote your attention to building your home board. You can slot points by making blots on your home board and cover it with another checker in your next turn.

Tip #3 - How to lengthen your prime. If you're aiming to make a six-point prime really fast then you should slot points by making blots beside your prime and then covering them. This is one really fast way to make your prime longer in a backgammon game.

Tip #4 - Go for equality in the early part of a game. To gain equality in the early part of a backgammon game you should do as much as you can to control the four-points and the five-points on your side and on your opponent's side. Never let your opponent take control of both these important strategic positions.

Tip #5 - Rush in the bearing off. If you get to race your opponent in bearing off your checkers avoid wasting your rolls. If you can bear off a checker using both dice results do it. Don't waste rolls by moving checkers forward when you can bear one off the backgammon board.

Tip #6 - What to do if it's your lucky day. Don't get over excited when you get a lot of huge rolls and doubles in a match. You should consider every possible option every time you make great double rolls in backgammon. Make sure you find the best possible move and not let your excitement get the best of you.

Tip #7 - Review the rules. Don't let your opponent invent rules especially if both of you are beginners. You should have a copy of backgammon rules. This should be a ready reference when both of you have a rule in question.