Backgammon - Defining the Game

One of the oldest board games that has gained prominence today is known as backgammon. Many people had their first close encounter with the game when at one time they may have bought a chess set with the inside marked for a backgammon board. It may even the ones that come with both chess pieces and backgammon checkers complete with dice.

You might be surprised to find out that the game itself belongs to a whole family of board games known as tables. Let's take a look at backgammon basics and try to define what this game is. We'll also go through some things that make backgammon unique from all other board games that have become popular.

As mentioned earlier backgammon is a board game. When we say board game we generally refer to a game that is played on a marked surface which is usually a board. Boards used in board games come in different types of material, common ones are either wood or card board. Backgammon is like such board games where you move checkers across these marked boards.

The backgammon board is distinct with triangles serving as demarcations where the checkers move along. The theme of the game belongs to a family of board games that we know as tables. This family of board games are characterized by the moving of pieces over 12 vertical markings or triangles that are set in two parallel rows.

Like chess or checkers, backgammon also requires forward planning and player skill to become adept at the game. But unlike the two aforementioned games, backgammon brings in a different unique dimension of luck. This is due to the fact that players roll dice in order to figure out how far checkers move along the board. So the aficionado is required to learn the backgammon basics, which means understanding the fundamental rules of the game, a bit of counting, strategy and tactics, and a little probability.

Yes, the game will require a bit of math, but that shouldn't scare you since you will only be dealing with the most basic theories of probability. In this game, a player's skill will usually offset one's luck. You don't have to be the luckiest man on earth to win this game.

Backgammon can be played at home among friends and family. You can also participate in backgammon competitions and tournaments or perhaps join a backgammon club. Another interesting breakthrough is to playing backgammon against a computer or against some other player in another continent across the world online. If you're into tactical games like chess or checkers you will love backgammon.